Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Garden

My dog Buster dug up three of the jeraniums and laid in some of the others. I replanted em. I think maybe they'll be alright.

Flower Garden

I planted 7 red jeraniums around my trailer mobile home this morning. They're little, but they're real pretty. I'd like some little statues. Something cute like bunnies, but I ain't got no more money right now. I guess I'll still have to settle for the bending over lady sign thing. The paint is starting to come off, but I still like it. Lud gave it to me. He said it reminded him of me. Ain't that sweet?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the World

I spent all day yesterday down at the Tap, drinking beer and trying to get one of the guys to home with. Just in case it really was the end. Eventually I did go out to the parking lot with a guy, but I ain't saying who cause it was getting late and we were both desperate. It wasn't so hard to get picked up when I were young.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PS. At least for now I lost my job at the Tap cause I dint show up Saturday night. It was fuckin loser job anyway.  Maybe Ralph will take me back aftera while

Cheri's Out!

Dear Constant Reader,
Cheri's cousin LuAnn bailed her out. The guy is still in the can. Cheri thought he was my friend. He weren't her friend and he weren't my friend and we was doing somethin called  "luwid in public". Jesus I had to ask what luwid meant. I still ain' sure but I dont think you wanta be doing luwd with a stranger unless you're gettin paid for it. Maybe Cheri got paid. I hafta ask her and maybe get my cut. I learnt something this weekend. Never mix three drugs tagether. I gotta member that.

Your BFF,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back Home Again

Dear Constant Reader,
A loooong hangover. Me and Cheri and some guy I dint know partied all Saturday night. I don't know what happened cause I don't member most of it.  I ain't real sure about we did, but the guy at the desk said it was "luwid behavure in public".  When I finally got straight in jail I called Lud, but that asshole wouldn't pay to get me out. He ain't never touching me again. After awhile Ralph paid to spring me, but he weren't happy about it. I couldn't get aholt of Cheri. I thnik she and her friend are still locked up.

Your Friend,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

God I could use some crank right now. You can make that yourself you know. I know Cheri does.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ray and Becky

Dear Constant Reader,

I's still working at the Viking Tap on weekends. It's o.k. I spose, but it don't pay shit and the tips suck. I get a little fun time with Ralph when his wife isn't around though. I'm still seeing Lud too, but he don't come to the Tap much cause his wife is there mostly. A girl can have a full time man legal like or a whole bunch of part time guys. A bunch is a sure lot more fun, but sure is a bitch keeping all the stories right.

Ray's still in jail. With the all the jobs in the shitter, Becky says that even a working girl selling her love ain't been reglar and she ain't been able to raise no bail. She says he's a goddamn loser anyway. We oughta have a fund raiser down at the Tap. They owe 'em. Ray's always been their best customer. Dammit they owe him.

Bye for now,
your friend