Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Constant Reader,

Things ain't been going good. I been fighting with my daughter Barbara Ellen a lot and last week she went to live full time with her dad Craig. I kinda had two boyfriends and Everybody found out and there was a hell of a fight. Then my best friend Becky was charged with receiving stolen goods with them comupters and they found her guilty. It was her third offense ans they locked her up. My dog Buster must a ate somethings bad and last night he died. Maybe just got sick with dog cancer or something. I don't know. I buried him right beside the trailer where he like to laid in the shade. And last week my pickup blew up and there was oil all over. It would cost more than it was worth and I ain't got no money anyway.  And the little window air conditinoer that Lud fixed up quit. God it's hot in this god damn tin can t railer. I can't even walk over to the Viking Tap and cool down cause Ralph was one of the boyfriends and he don't nver want see me again. All I can do is sit in my underwear and cry and drink beer and watch court teleision. I'm out of cigarettes and ain't got no money ans I ain't got no friends. I'm all alone. This ain'tt what I thought it would be like.

Your friend,
Fair Rosamund Ostrud

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