Thursday, July 14, 2011


They are still trying to get my meds adjusted.  Bobby the orderly is kind of cute.  He's been kind of flirting, but he can't date or nothing. Okay, I suppose it was me flirting, but he ain't resisted it none.

Also Craig my ex has been visiting a lot. He started coming with Barbara Ellen, but he kept coming after we had another fight and she quit coming. God, I miss that man. He's opened a little bicycle shop in his garage on account of he can't drive anymore anyway.  He's real excited about it.

They say I can't be everyone's friend, but you guys are different. You're real friends. Thanks.

Your friend,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hi! Again!

Dear good friend,
I'm writing this from the computer in the dayroom. It's okay here I guess. My doctor is cute and nice and the orderlies are real nice except for Bobby. He's an asshole. They say I'll be able to go back to the Fairview park soon. See you then. ;-)

Your friend,