Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outta the Bin

Dear Constant Reader,

Like I told that George guy, I'm outta the hospital and living with Craig again. While I was in the hospital I dint pay my rent and that asshole Frank who manages Fairview broke in to the trailer and sold all my stuff to pay back rent. I'm gonna get a lawyer and sue his ass, but in the mean time Craig has rented the old Ferguson mobile home down on the far end and I'm living with him again. I truly love him. I forgot how much I really love him.  He's rented the garage next door cause the old lady don't have a car and he's building bicycle frames again. When we was first married he worked for a guy who built bikes for the Olympic riders and everything. Craig says nobody buys steel bikes anymore but old guys, but it's all he knows how to make. He don't have no backlog, but he's been working pretty steady since I moved in with him. He ain't making no money but he hopes he will after he gets more tools and stuff. He says to say Reynolds sucks.

And I ain't using nothing cept beer and menthols cause it will screw up my meds. God bless my meds.

Your Friend,

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