Sunday, September 29, 2013

Better Life!

Dear Constant Reader,

Damn. It's been a long time since I wrote stuff. I can now cause got a new laptop for my business. Geez a lot has happened. You wont believe it.

First Craig's bike frame business really took off. I started helping cause he couldnt  keep up. Ffirst just doing paperwork, then painting. I got real good at it but he needed help filing lugs and fillets. I beat the shit out of mt hands I got callouses and dirt grond into under mt broken finder nails but I don't gve a damn. Funny I uesd to be so proud of my hands and long nails. Now I don't give a shit.

Then Craig died. He died in the shop. They say it was a heartattack. Musta been fast cause he still had a file in his cold hand when I found him. I ain't using that file, but I still have it. It was rreal hard. I hadvto almost pry it out of his dead fingers when the amublance was picking him up. Then I finished the frame crying all the time. After the guy picked it up and I got the check I was okay and I ain't cried much since.

Now I'm making the bikes myself. I am so excited. At first I kepy calling them Ostrud, but now I have my own, calling them Complaint, The first three were Complaint of Rosamund  but it was too long for the downtubes so I just cut off the Rosamund. Just road bikes, none of them goddamn ugly mountain bikes, though I think if I made them with a horizontal top tube and put Dirt Drops on em they wouldn't make my eyes hurt so much. Maybe someday.

I gotta go I got three bikes in my cue and I gotta work. I got sooooo much to tell you. Wait till you hear about my shop!!!!!!!!!!

Your friend,
Fair Rosamund